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Realistic DNA Model (3D-Printed)

Realistic DNA Model (3D-Printed)

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Base Pairs
This atomically accurate DNA model is perfect as an educational tool: you can see a bump for every little atom that makes up DNA, and get an intuitive feel for its strangely offset double-helix shape. Have you ever known exactly how DNA *feels* structurally, or wondered why it was so hard for Watson & Crick to figure out its structure? Wonder no more!

It's also a fantastic desk ornament for the science enthusiast in your life. Do you have a family member graduating college with a science degree? Do you want to be reminded every day of humanity's knowledge of and power over our surroundings and the things that make us tick? There's hardly a better way than having one of these.

This model includes 16 base pairs, with 8 of each of the four nucleotides in a different color (guanine = green, cytosine = blue, adenine = red, thymine = red). It also includes 32 backbones (you need two for each nucleotide pair), and comes fully assembled. Unless you specify a sequence, the nucleotides are assembled in a random order, with an even count of each type.

We've spent dozens of hours honing our production to make sure you get a fantastic print, with as few imperfections as possible. 100% satisfaction guaranteed; we accept returns for any/all reasons, so feel free to purchase in safety and confidence!

This product is adapted from a model by Michael Kuiper, an Australian researcher who's worked in Antarctica.
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